Nordic Delights

Blessed with neophilia, the Scandinavians have long embraced the avant-garde with abandon. A playground for architects and graphic designers, Scandinavia has been leading the way in all things design, where aesthetics, innovation and everyday life hang out on a regular basis but an addiction to clean lines and stylish practicality is universal. In recent years they also seem to be mapping out Europe’s next culinary frontier with innovative young chefs who’ve traveled the world coming back home to create unabashedly artful food influenced by global flavors. Did we mention the stunning fjords, awe-inspiring Northern Lights and desolate icescapes that humbly remind you how spectacular nature is?

Whether you’re a fan of urban or nature getaways, these Nordic Delights will show you a glimpse of their wonderful world. From a boat ride through Stockholm’s canals, a performance at Oslo’s Opera House, a seat at the best dinner table in town to a whale watching tour in Reykjavik, it’s all covered.

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