Hans Wegner, Timeless designer

Hans Wegner is among the greatest of furniture designers. His designs have been described as ‘timeless’, ‘everlasting’, ‘perfect to the fullest extent of what is possible’, and ‘free from passing trends’.

There are many reasons for the quality of Hans Wegner’s furniture. The most important is probably his craftmanlike, pragmatic approach to his trade. He always evaluates the practical aspect in the design process by setting up a number of strict rules, dictating the process of giving shape – is this even possible?
These rules may not allow for the wild free inspiration, but it demands a creative interaction between the potential of the material and the process of design. In the dialogue between material and creativity, Hans Wegner surpasses most of his peers. As Henrik Most writes in his article on Wegner: ‘The biggest freedom stems from the most severe strictness’.